Making Moves

This dynamic theme encapsulates the player pathways that navigate individuals from grassroots to glory. We explore the comprehensive ecosystem of talent acquisition and identification programs, elite academy pathways, and the incredible achievements of players who have proudly played in Canberra teams and gone on to represent their country at the highest level. However, “Making Moves” goes beyond the pursuit of professional success. It shines a light on the significance of social levels of the sport and the retention of girls into their teenage and early adult years, as well as their continued participation even as they start families. This theme celebrates the holistic player experience, emphasizing the importance of nurturing talent, fostering inclusivity, and providing opportunities for growth at every stage of the football journey. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable individuals who have made moves in their soccer careers, shaping the game’s future and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Designed by the Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra