Women’s Football: The future & what’s next?

University of Canberra (UC) Sport Strategy & PLAY ON exhibition

FRIDAY 18th AUGUST, 6.30pm



Dr Catherine Ordway
Sport Integrity Research Lead & Associate Professor (Sports Management), Faculty of Health, UC.

How do we keep women’s football clean? Start paying players a fair wage.

Dr Jocelyn Mara
Assistant Professor in Sports Analytics, Faculty of Health, UC.

Using pattern recognition to discover playing strategies in women’s football

Professor Richard Keegan
Performance and Exercise Psychology & UC High Performance Sports Fellow, Faculty of Health, UC.

Reflections on the provision of university sponsored sport science support to elite women’s sports teams.


Josh Waugh
Head Sports Analyst, Canberra United & Women in Sport
50:50 Industry Partner PhD Scholarship student, Faculty of Health, UC.

Athlete Monitoring in Female Footballers

Dr Tracey Dickson
Associate Professor & Program Director, Event and Tourism Management (Canberra Business School), Faculty of Business, Government and Law, UC.

Impacts and legacies from large sporting events: lessons from research on 6 events across 5 countries.

Mikaela Danvers Senior Lecturer in Design, Faculty of Arts and Design, UC
Stephanie Trimble Lecturer in Interior Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Design, UC
Ashley Harrison Lecturer – Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Arts and Design, UC

PLAY ON exhibition: the research process