Masters Football​​ Over 35s is the best kept secret in women’s football – it’s fun, fitness and time away from your commitments all in one! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginners rookie there is a club and team for everyone.

Masters Football allows mature players the opportunity to participate in our great game and to compete with similarly aged players in a safe, well organised and enjoyable atmosphere.

Players are afforded the opportunity to participate at a club level, to be competitive, maintain fitness and to above all enjoy football with their friends and family. Masters football is a facilitator of activity, motivation and social connection.

 “Above all, it’s about savouring the pure joy of football alongside your family and friends.”


The women who make up the competition are a mix of skill levels. From seasoned veterans who have previously played at elite levels all the way through to new players who are picking up the sport for the first time.


“It’s difficult to remember just how it all started…a few Belsouth soccer mums started musing about moving off the sidelines and out of the canteen onto the field. Names got passed around; email addresses were exchanged; contact made; boots and shinnies bought; strips acquired. Then all of a sudden we were training on the oval at Aranda and then, even more surprising for some, we were running onto the pitch at Waramanga for our first game…”

From ‘The Official and the Not So Official History of the Belsouth Old Chooks First Season – 2002′




The Masters Story


The very first Masters Games event was the 1985 World Masters Games in Canada, which attracted 8,305 competitors from 61 countries. With a rise in popularity of masters sport, national events began to surface in Australia and New Zealand. The first Australian Masters Games were held in Tasmania in 1987 and New Zealand Masters Games in Wanganui in 1989. Brisbane hosted the 1994 World Masters Games which attracted 24,000 competitors from 71 countries.


Following the success of the World Masters Games in Brisbane, the inaugural Queensland Masters Games were held in 1995 in Townsville, before moving to the Gold Coast the following year. These Games evolved into the Asia Pacific Masters Games and then the Pan Pacific Masters Games from 2002, with increased interest from Asia, Japan, America, Oceania and New Zealand. The World Masters Games returned to Australia in 2009 with Sydney hosting over 27,000 competitors from 106 countries.


The Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast is the world’s largest biennial masters games. In 2018, there were more than 16,000 participants from over 40 countries including teams from the ACT with current participation levels on par with some of the biggest sporting occasions in the world such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.


Masters Eligibility Rules

Masters League Women’s – O35’s

a) Teams shall consist of Players who are
35 years of age or over by 31 December
in the calendar year of the competition.

b) Clubs / Teams are permitted to request
an age exemption by completing the
Exemption Form

c) Each Team is permitted up to two underage
Players, in accordance with Section 3 Article 1.2
a). Should exceptional circumstances permit, Capital Football
may provide approval to exceed this number.


Player Stories


“My goal is to continue playing football as long as I am physically able to do so.”

 “I should have retired 10 years ago – I did at the end of 2022 – and am somehow playing again this year – so I guess my goal is to still be standing at the end.”


Adjacent to playing, Masters women often contribute to Football in other ways. Through volunteering, coaching, supporting family to play and taking up roles on club committees, their experience and passion demonstrates leadership both on and off the field. Making the incredible women of the Masters league a valuable part of Canberra’s football community.


Masters Football is a catalyst for physical activity, motivation and strong social connections. Join this vibrant community and unlock the possibilities that Masters Football has to offer!



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